One of Nature's Purest Ingredients

Love spending time outdoors now that the warmer weather has arrived. Protecting yourself and those you love from the heat of the summer sun is a top priority. Here are four helpful tips when using natural mineral sunscreen for safe, effective sun protection for the whole family.

1. Make sure you are applying enough sunscreen. A good rule is to use 1 tsp on smaller body parts like the face, neck and arms and 2 tsp for larger body parts like legs.

2. Don't forget to apply sunscreen every 2 hours, it only takes about 20 minutes to burn.

3. Always re-apply after being in the water. Natural sunscreen easily wash away as they are free from sticky chemicals that absorb into your skin.

4. Take the time to rub the product in well!! Shady Days has 20% non nano zinc oxide to produce a 30 SPF. We use this much non-nano zinc in order for the product to be effective, therefore, the product will be white going on the skin but will rub in nicely with a little extra effort.

Using a natural sunscreen such as Back to Earth’s Shady Days will ensure you are putting only the best ingredients onto and into your body.

For more information check out another one of our blog articles about being out in the sun and natural sunscreen.

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Kiley Routley