Lazarus Rising Synergy Oil Blend - 10ml

This amazing synergy blend has been specifically formulated in honor of Saint Lazarus, the patron Saint of the Sick.

Add a few drops of this wonderful organic synergy oil blend to a diffuser or nebulizer, drop in a warm shower, inhale on cotton balls, blend in a carrier oil or use topically on the ears or bottoms of the feet. This oil reminds us to rise above conflicting situations in life and to promote wellness in all that we do.


  • antimicrobial and anti-viral
  • anti-inflammatory
  • stimulates lymph drainage
  • helps improve memory and brain function
  • boosts the immune system

Ingredients:  a blend of 100% pure essential oils of peppermint, basil, juniper, cinnamon leaf, cardamon, frankincense, and lemongrass.