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Back to Earth Stand on GMO's

herbalistOur philosophy to honour the earth and all it provides to us does not include the use of GMO products, therefore ALL of our products are natural, organic and GMO free (Non-GMO).


Notes on Being out in the Sun

family_on_beachHow to best protect yourself so you can enjoy yourself in the sun without worry.


Greek Style Chicken Loaf


Weeds & Seeds™ Greek Style Chicken Loaf
Weeds & Seeds ... delicious for dinner too!


Almond Date Balls


Weeds & Seeds™ Almond Date Balls
A Healthy and Delicious Gluten Free Snack!


Apple Crumble


Weeds & Seeds™ Apple Crumble
Old fashioned with a modern twist!



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Our Customers About Us

This afternoon I fell in love with your "Weeds and Seeds" survival cereal. I avoid bad carbs and sugar, and they are everywhere. You achieved the miracle of both taste and health. Bravo !

Karen from Ottawa on Weeds & Seeds

I tried your Weeds and Seeds cereal this week, and absolutely love it!!! I'm Vegan, and really appreciate that it makes plain oats taste like a gourmet breakfast – the added good nutrition is just a bonus.

Theresa on Weeds & Seeds

I am now putting it on my Wheat Belly muffins I bake (before they go in the oven) so they have a delicious crunch. I have it each morning with yogurt and fresh blueberries. Thanks for your great product. Made in BC is just perfect for me.

Barbara on Weeds & Seeds

Love this! We recieved the baby basket with our 3rd sons birth and I am absolutely in love with this baby wash! It is mild on my sons sensitive skin and smells sooo amazing I am buying it for myself too! The Baby balm is also amazing and I will buy it for as long as he is in diapers! I highly recommend these two products.

Yellowroses on Moon Baby Shampoo and Bodywash