Plant Based & Natural


Avocado Oil - a carrier oil (pressed from the nut); rich in fatty acids; calms itchy skin; heals chapped skin; Vitamin E, Potassium, Lecithin; hydrates and moisturizes.

Arnica – in diluted form heals bruises & sprains; reduce swelling; protect against infection; relieves pain.

Beeswax - locks in moisture to keep skin plump; heals burns, eczema, and psoriasis; anti-inflammatory; high in Vitamin A; treats skin irritations.

Bergamot – antiseptic; antispasmodic; sedative; antidepressant; disinfectant; aids in good digestion.

Black Cohash – hot flashes; menopausal symptoms; menstrual cramps; PMS.

Blood Orange - anti-inflammatory; headaches & migraines; antidepressant;  removes toxins; promotes the production of enzymes & digestive juices

Borax - safe and natural laundry booster; cuts through grease; disinfects and softens water

Burdock Root - detoxifies the lymphatic system; purifies the blood; potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties; high in antioxidants; phenolic acids.

Calendula - protects the immune system; eliminates pain; speeds healing; anti-inflammatory; eliminate toxic free radicals; eczema; rosacea; diaper rash.

Canadian Kisolite Glacial Clay – antibacterial; antimicrobial; aids in the healing of ulcerative colitis; arthritis; skin irritations; used internally and externally.

Castile Soap – soap made from vegetable oils: olive, coconut, hemp, avocado, almond, or walnut.

Castor Oil - Heals inflamed skin: sunburn, acne, dry, itchy; reduce the signs of aging; hydrates the body; fades blemishes; prevents stretch marks.

Catnip - calms restless sleep; relieves anxiety & stress; speeds recovery of colds & fevers; insomnia; headache & migraine.

Chamomile Flowers – ancient medicinal herb; hay fever; inflammation; muscle spasms; menstrual disorders; insomnia; hemorrhoids; ulcers; wounds.

Chaste Berries - reduces menstrual cramps; headaches; breast pain; irritability due to pain.

Citronella – antibacterial; anti-inflammatory; insect repellent; inhibits bacterial growth; eliminates infection; removes odor.

Clary Sage – hormone imbalance; boosts self-esteem; confidence; hope; mental health; fights depression; sedative for nerves and anxiety.  

Comfrey – diarrhea; scar reduction; burn relief; open wound healing; rashes & insect bites; acne; reduces inflammation.

Cocoa Butter - prevents skin dryness and peeling; heals chapped lips; soothes burns; rashes; infections.

Coconut Oil – protects body from disease; promotes heart health; healthy thyroid function; youthful skin; increases cell regeneration; improves insulin secretion.

Couch Grass – antibiotic; diuretic properties; relieves swelling of the bladder. Caution: Couch Grass is toxic to birds.

Crampbark - relieves cramping (muscle spasms, menstrual and pregnancy); swollen glands; fluid retention; eye disorders; kidney stimulant.

Cypress - stimulates circulation; removes excess water; astringent; antiseptic;  anti-spasmodic; respiratory tonic; diuretic; regulates blood flow.

Dandelion – potent antioxidant; reduce cholesterol; natural laxative; loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber; fights inflammation; healthy liver; healthy digestion.

Elderberries - full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber; anti-inflammatory; powerful antioxidant components.

Eleuthero – immune system booster; stimulant; increases energy; managing menopause and menstrual symptoms.

Eucalyptus - anti-inflammatory; decongestant; antiseptic; heals wounds; treats respiratory problems; stimulant for mental exhaustion.

Frankincense – antiseptic; boosts the immune system; improves oral health; reduces scars; delays aging; relieves stress; speeds healing.

Geranium – improves cell health; tightens gums, skin and muscles; prevents

bacterial growth; reduces scarring; natural deodorant.

 Ginger - boosts bone health; strengthens immune system; increases appetite; improves respiratory conditions; aids digestion; manages arthritis symptoms.

Grapefruit Seed – disinfectant; stimulant; natural antidepressant; boosts immune system; prevents infections; inhibits microbial infections; relieves depression.

Green Tea – powered by antioxidants and polyphenols; improve brain function; fat loss; one of the planet’s healthiest beverages.

Hemp Seed Oil – abundance of fatty acids alleviate dry skin and other skin irritations; anti-inflammatory; plant-based protein.

Jasmine – antidepressant; antiseptic; aphrodisiac; depression; prevents infection; fades scars; reduces coughing; treats insomnia; treats eczema & psoriasis.

Lady’s Mantle – powerful female herb during reproductive years; menstruation pain; lessens excessive bleeding.

Lavender - eliminates nervous tension; relieves pain; disinfects scalp & skin; blood circulation; induces calmness; bug repellant; treats acne; effective on lice & nits.

Lemon - natural stimulant; purifies and freshens; invigorates the senses; treats skin disorders; insomnia & fatigue; calming; detoxifying; good source of Vitamin C.

Licorice Root - tasty, and delicious scent; heartburn; acid reflux; leaky gut; adrenal fatigue; coughs & sore throats; PMS and pain relief.

Mandarin – antiseptic; circulatory; digestive; nervous relaxant; prevents infections; removes toxins; improves digestion; strengthens liver.

Marjoram – analgesic; aphrodisiac; antiseptic; antiviral; diuretic; natural laxative; sedative; reduces pain; treats spasms; infection and indigestion.

Marshmallow Root - is used to soothe and moisten the mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive, and urinary tracts.

Motherwort – anxiety; cardiovascular tonic; anti-spasmodic to relax smooth muscles; irregular heartbeats.

Nettle Leaf - loaded with analgesic compounds; relieves chronic muscle pain; improves digestion; treats a myriad of skin issues like acne and eczema.

Olive Oil – fatty acids protect liver from oxidative stress; premature aging; powerful antioxidant; sun damage care,  

Orange Sweet – increases energy and mood; fight acne; anti-inflammatory, antidepressant; antispasmodic; sedative; treats spasms and prevents infections.

Papaya Leaf - helpful in healing and preventing stomach ulcers; rich in enzymes; high anti-inflammatory properties; breaks down proteins, carbs and minerals

Patchouli – antidepressant; antiseptic; aphrodisiac; astringent; diuretic, insecticide; sedative; soothes inflammation; relieves fever; treats arthritis & gout.

Peppermint – indigestion; respiratory; headache, nausea, fever; stomach & bowel spasms; bad breath; boosts immunity; improves circulation.

Red Clover Blossoms – mineral-vitamin-rich contains: potassium; iron; magnesium; calcium; manganese.

Roman Chamomile – antidepressant; antiseptic; analgesic; removes toxins;  prevents infections; relieves depression; reduces anger; improves digestion.

Rosewood - a 'magical' analgesic; headaches; insect bites; fights despair; depression; anxiety; boosts metabolism, blood circulation, secretion of hormones.

Sandalwood – emollient; heals scars; relaxant; soothes the skin; lowers blood pressure; improves memory and concentration.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil - rich in nutrients carotenoids, antioxidant, and vitamins A, C, and E; beta-carotene; plant sterols; trace elements copper, iron, selenium, and manganese; lower cholesterol.

Shea Butter - moisturizes dry skin; treats acne; anti-aging; anti-free radical agent; relief to itchy skin; restores elasticity to skin; reduces stretch marks.

Skullcap - relieves stress; tension; anxiety nervousness; calms panic attacks; can be taken as a nerve tonic.

Slippery Elm – slippery inner bark capable of soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines; reduces irritation; soothes sore throats and coughing.

St. John’s Wort – depression; anxiety; insomnia; antiviral; used as a poultice to soothe burns, cuts, wounds, bug bites, rashes and bruises.

Sunflower Seed Oil - high in Vitamin E (antioxidant); reduces inflammation; relieves pain; restores balance; regenerates new skin cells.

Sweet Almond Oil – high in Vitamin E (antioxidant); healthy skin cells; protects from UV radiation damage; helps to heal chapped and irritated skin.

Tea Tree – antibacterial; antimicrobial; antiseptic; antiviral; insecticide; stimulant; promotes absorption of nutrients from food; speeds healing; stimulates hormones.

Thyme – antiseptic; diuretic; natural insecticide; increases circulation; boosts the immune system; relieves arthritis and gout; kills bacteria.

Turmeric – anti-inflammatory; heals wounds; improves skin health; ease menstrual pain; depression; pain; slows aging process.

Uva ursi - full of medicinal goodness for urinary tract infections; reduce levels of uric acid, thus keeping kidney stones at bay.

Vanilla – antioxidant; aphrodisiac; antidepressant; sedative, neutralizes free radicals; soothes inflammation; reduces skin infections.

Vinegar – used in natural household cleaners; brightens colors; cuts through grease; natural fabric softener.

Vitex - enhances progesterone and estrogen balance; promotes lactation; reduces PMS symptoms; supports a healthy luteal phase (phase after ovulation).

Wintergreen - relieve fatigue; natural antioxidant; lowers inflammation; reduces pain; uplifting minty aroma; encourages positive attitude.

Witch Hazel – astringent; varicose veins; sore muscles; bruises.

Ylang Ylang – antidepressant; antiseptic; aphrodisiac; sedative; anxiety; treats eczema; lowers blood pressure; strengthens the nervous system; insomnia.

Zinc – antibacterial; anti-inflammatory; fights bacteria & viruses; diaper rash; heals wounds; blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Back to Earth™ provides this essential oil guide for educational purposes only and not as medical advice. 
Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner with regard to uses, safety, and precautions for all essential oils.