Pine 100% Pure Essential Oil - 18ml

Pine - 100% PURE Essential Oil 

Like all of our amazing trees, with their own beautiful unique scents, Pine is one tree that stands out in the Christmas holiday season for its inviting, refreshing, and earthy aroma.  Perfect for diffusing! 

For a complete guide as to the uses of essential oils in aromatherapy, we suggest:  [Julia Lawless, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils (Rockport, MA: Element Books, 1995), 60-66.]

Botanical Name:  Pinus

Our trees are one of the most important assets on our Earth.  All trees produce oxygen and help to reduce pollutants like carbon dioxide, but just the magnificence of them, their natural outdoor earthy aroma, make our forests alive with goodness. Pine is just one of those amazing scents that we are able to create in our homes, our offices, and our surroundings. Pine trees are the dominant plants in many cool-temperate and boreal forests.