The Story

The Story of Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex™

Began centuries ago when the mineral clay was first discovered by the Heiltsuk people. Natural elements of such purity, smooth texture, and vibrant colours are still rare today, so we can only imagine how precious this blue-green mineral may have been to the people inhabiting the rugged central coast 10,000 years ago.

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Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex™

Ethically harvested on an island near the central coast of British Columbia. Sourced from a shallow granite basin that is 400-feet inland and lies above sea level, Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex™ is pristine - free from contaminants and untainted by marine waste and environmental pollutants. It is believed the clay, unlike tidal or alluvial mud's, were naturally formed when volcanic activity rapidly melted the ice covering the Central Coast of British Columbia. Diverse and pristine rainforest flora surrounds the Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex™ and may contribute to the clay's unique properties. One thing is certain; this unique mineral supports life and is different from minerals mined from oceans or seas. For thousands of years, the minerals in the Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex™ have given life to the nutrient-rich blanket of coastal flora.

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Respect for the Heiltsuk Nation

The use of the mineral clay for healing by the Heiltsuk People is well documented as it is for many indigenous populations around the globe. As a company, we recognize the Central Coast’s original inhabitants, the Heiltsuk People, as cultural and environmental stewards of the resources within their traditional territory. As such Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex™ is harvested in ways that avoid or minimize any potential site contamination from damaging pollutants that negatively impact the environment.

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Natural Skin and Body Care

Our skin, the body’s largest organ, is subjected to many abuses while we live, work and play in an increasingly polluted environment. Harsh chemicals, cleaners and disinfectants are no longer perceived to be beneficial to our skin. In fact, it is now known that they can rob our skin of minerals and nutrients, and have a negative effect on our overall health and wellbeing. Used for centuries to heal skin ailments and other irritations.

The minerals in the Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex™ make it the perfect active ingredient for Back to Earth's products.


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