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Delicious Recipes for Cooking with Kids


Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to share some quality time cooking and baking as a family. Besides being loads of fun, getting kids involved helps them become more open to trying different foods especially when healthier recipes may not look as appealing as other processed artificial foods designed to attract kids.

Your time together in the kitchen gives you something fun to do during the break and offers many teachable moments with your little ones. Let kids smell spices & herbs and suggest what each scent reminds them of. Help them learn what flavours complement different foods. Fresh chopped herbs are a fun way for them to experiment and be creative with savoury dishes. For a sweeter treat, a dash of cinnamon is a healthy, yummy boost to a simple recipe and lets kids feel like creative chefs. Measuring amounts for recipes is a wonderfully visual way to learn fractions and conversions. Teach them about measuring dry ingredients and wet ingredients and share easy tricks you have learned.

Our Back to Earth Weeds & Seeds™ is a highly versatile superfood you can incorporate into many of your everyday recipes to give them a nutritional boost. Here are 3 delicious Weeds & Seeds recipes that are easy to make with kids of any age or for those who are just young at heart.  

Weeds & Seeds Energy Snack Bars

Weeds & Seeds™ Energy Snack Bars

Weeds & Seeds Wild Berry Love Bites

Weeds & Seeds™ Wild Berry Love Bites

Weeds & Seeds Turkey Mini Meatloaf

Weeds & Seeds™ Turkey Mini Meatloaf  

Children who have a positive experience when learning to cook healthy foods will grow into adults who love to make food with their families. Giving kids your time and attention is a meaningful way to create memories you will all cherish as you grow older. So take advantage of a rainy/snowy day during spring break to tuck indoors and try some of our favourite Weeds & Seeds recipes.

We would love to see posts and pictures of your creations and your day of cooking. Please share with us on Facebook, via email or tag @GetBack2Earth on twitter or instagram.

- Have Fun Cooking!

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