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How to Fight Acne Naturally!

Kids are back to school, and one of their most troubling worries is acne! We would like to offer some natural and healthy, tried and true remedies. Good for kids & adults of course!!

  • Drink plenty of water!! (at least 8 - 12 cups daily)
  • Make a paste with a little raw honey, cinnamon & freshly ground nutmeg. Dab on spots as soon as they appear. Leave on a few hours if possible.
  • Dab the spots with a little fresh lemon juice to help dry the pimples.  Add a little salt for more drying action.
  • Make ice cubes out of green tea and rub on the spots once it is frozen. Cooling, healing, refreshing.
  • Make a paste with water and baking soda. Dab on the spots and leave on a few minutes to dry the skin.
  • Whip an egg white and spread over the spots.  Allow to dry. This will help pull the toxins out of the skin.
  • Make a mixture of 1/3 apple cider vinegar and 2/3 witch hazel. Spray on face morning & night to 
    calm, cool and return your skins PH balance.

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