April 22, 2018

Introducing One of Nature’s Purest Ingredients

For centuries, many cultures around the world have believed the nature and complexity of all matters can be explained in terms of simpler substances – Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These four elements are universally recognized as the vital forces or energies that make up the universe and are widely referenced in many wellness practices.

Here at Back to Earth we highly respect the teachings of ancient cultures by using ancient wisdom and natural sciences in many of our recipes. It is believed healing is enhanced once connected to nature. That is why today, on Earth Day, we are very excited to introduce a special natural ingredient we have added into our newest collection of products.

Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay

Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay

Some may be surprised to hear the Earth can actually provide everything we need... but to others, like the Heiltsuk First Nations on British Columbia’s Central Coast this is old news. Near the pristine Great Bear Rainforest, home of the Great Spirit Bear, they discovered an amazing clay and have used it for centuries. This clay is beneficial for it’s therapeutic mineral dense properties for such ailments as ulcerative colitis, duodenal ulcers, arthritis, neuritis, phlebitis, skin irritation and burns.

Sourced from a shallow granite basin that is 400-feet inland and lies above sea level, Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay is pristine – free from contaminants and untainted by marine waste and environmental pollutants. Back to Earth is honoured to include this incredibly healing clay in this collection of products as we continue our quest to create and offer you the very best natural products to truly return ‘back to earth’.

Merging with Nature's Elements: EARTH

Merging with the Elements - EARTH

Everyone can benefit from using the Canadian Glacial Clay Rare Earth Facial Scrub & Mask. It is made with organic Kisameet Glacial Clay and the high salt and mineral content are essential to healthy skin. This clay will draw oils and impurities from your skin via osmosis. It creates a powerful cationic exchange capacity due to a superior particle surface area and negative ionic charge, or simply put it moisturizes from within. Wearing the mud mask infuses the skin with minerals, leaving it clean, refreshed and deeply hydrated when rinsed clean. As well as the BC colloidal glacial clay the formula includes golden seal root, palmarosa and baobab oils as primary ingredients along with seaweed, green tea, ginseng extract, non GMO Vitamin E, rosehip oil and a blend of pure essential oils. Orange sweet, ylang yang, pine and spearmint add to the effectiveness and the vitality of your skin.

Back to Earth - Rare Earth

Our Mud Bath Glacial Clay Bar is a naturally antibacterial soap that will cleanse and restore you skin to a healthy glow. Some commercial antibacterial soaps can be very unhealthy and damaging to our bodies and environment, going natural is always a better option. The special blend of essential oils soothes and offers a healthy glow to even the most irritated skin.

Back to Earth - Mud Bath

Men will love our Canadian Glacial ClayTree Hugger Shaving Soap Tub, especially since it is fun to apply with a bristle brush. The glacial clay provides a great slip for shaving that protects the skin from razor burn and other irritations. It has an uplifting, woodsy aroma that invigorates and mentally energizes on sleepy mornings to start the day off right. The essential oils also offer a natural antiseptic soap that will keep his pores clean. With no additives it offers naturally effective exfoliation from the fine silica sand that is an intrinsic part of the make up of the clay. Exfoliation helps avoid ingrown hairs and other shaving issues as well as keeping the skin feeling fresh. A filtered clay variety will be offered soon as well for those who don’t need the benefits of exfoliation.

Back to Earth - Tree Hugger Shaving Soap

Not All Glacial Clays are Alike

Kisameet Glacial Clay is quite unique in many ways; the source of the Glacial Clay is believed to be volcanic. It is a dry land source and is not alluvial mud, it is wet clay that for approximately 12,000 years has been covered by rain forest moss and flora being kept moist by some of the highest rainfall numbers in the world. The clay is ethically hand-harvested then dried and milled to very exacting specifications. The clay we choose for our Back to Earth products is neutral to mildly alkaline with a PH of 7 to 7.4. 

Like anything in life these days it is important to do your homework before purchasing and using any product on your skin. At Back to Earth we are passionate about educating you on all aspects of our products and why we use each carefully selected ingredient.

Watch for future posts as we dive deeper into sharing why we are so devoted to honouring  Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay, we’ll also share more findings and products specifically developed to connect to the other natural elements – Fire, Water & Air. 

Back to Earth - Canadian Glacial Clay Collection

Our Earth is a very special place offering so much bounty and beauty. So today’s Earth Day is not only a celebration but an important reminder that we must continue to honour and protect this beautiful world we call home, and now more than ever, join the movement to simplify, find ways to reconnect with nature and'Get Back to Earth'.

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