December 14, 2017

Experience Everyday Essential Oils

Once you start learning about essential oils they are bound to become part of your day to day life. Whether you are new to the essential oil world or have been dabbling with different oils for years, there are so many different health & wellness benefits to experience well-being. Here at Back to Earth we have quite a few bestsellers we get asked about all the time. In this post we'll share more on these essential oils and how they can help you. Lets start with Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint. This trio of lovely smelling plant oils are well recognized and any household can benefit from keeping these on hand.


Lavender has been used for thousands of years. It's purple flowers release a soothing scent that aids in sleep and calming. It is a gentle oil you can add directly to the skin. Rub it into your kids feet at night or your own and put on a pair of cozy socks, drop it into your bath or add a couple drops to a shower wall. Diffuse it to add a calming element to your home or car. Put a few drops into your palms and hold close to your face to deeply inhale the aroma and soothe your whole system. Lavender is used to treat acne, burns and cuts, for lice prevention, treating the scalp for thinning hair, dry skin, wrinkles and dark circles. Organic pure lavender can even be used in baking and cocktails. Like any oil it is important to buy it pure and as locally sourced and organic as possible. 


Another well recognized scent is Eucalyptus (Globulus) and our pure essential oil is certainly one of our bestsellers. Eucalyptus Oil is an inexpensive oil offering users many benefits. It is best known for reducing pain and inflammation of the respiratory tract as well as used an antiseptic and insect repellent. You can diffuse it, inhale it, use it topically or even use it internally. Studies have shown it can boost brain function and is being studied for it's anti-cancer benefits as well.

The third oil in today's feature pairs nicely with Eucalyptus as a breathing blend. 


Christmas is just around the corner so you may be thinking about Peppermint Candy Canes, which are wonderful but not nearly as wonderful as everything that pure peppermint essential oil can offer. Peppermint is a powerful oil that can be used externally, internally, as well as dropped into a diffuser.

If you are prone to headaches or just like a tingly uplift in the afternoon you will love the handy roll onHeadache Blend Synergy Oil. Keep it in your desk drawer, car and/or purse. It is pure, organic and is specially blended to aid in the relief of headache pain and congestion. You can also find the light tingling sensation of peppermint in ourButterfly Kisses Lip Balm and Tingling Tides Conditioner to invigorate your scalp. Replace your toothpaste with our natural Smile Teeth Cleaning Oil and you'll never buy another bottle of mouthwash again. It is minty fresh, eases a dry mouth and even freshens up pesky dental devices many of us wear to sleep.You can also use peppermint oil in the autumn to deter spiders naturally when they try to enter a warm house for winter. 

When peppermint is blended with eucalyptus, like in our Allergy Synergy Oil, it can also be a powerful breathing aid. To make your own blend - add 3 drops of each oil, plus either 3 drops of tea tree or rosemary to round off the blend. Apply one or two drops behind the ears and/or on the feet to open airways, ease coughs and soothe general congestion. With so many different uses, Peppermint is definitely a major player in the Back to Earth shop when formulating recipes. So if it's a scent you enjoy, you'll be sure to find products to fill your home with it's minty fresh goodness.

This month in the shop you will find the Golden Bough essential oils for 15% off. A fresh shipment of diffusers is also en route and our aromatherapy Elves are there to help you put together the perfect gift for anyone on your list.  Visit us or call 250-550-6789 for assistance. 

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