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Welcome to Back to Earth. Best known as a modern-day apothecary nestled in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, we offer pure, all-natural, herbal & medicinal personal, and home care products. Visit our shop for a complete list of our handcrafted, earth-friendly specialty products created to support your health & wellbeing.

Spotlight on Rosemary Essential Oil

Spotlight on Rosemary Essential Oil

At Back to Earth, we have a wide variety of Single Essential Oils and Synergy Oil Blends available for your everyday use. In today's post we spotlight Rosemary Essential Oil and highlight some of the benefits of incorporating this essential oil into your wellness regime.

Rosemary has a woody, evergreen like scent and is part of the mint family. It is commonly know as a herb used in savoury cooking but also has many wellness benefits. Native to the Mediterranean, Rosemary thrives locally in the dry Okanagan summers. The wooded evergreen has been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years for improving memory, soothing digestive issues, and topically to relieve muscle pain. It also has many antiseptic properties which make it perfect for some skin and hair care recipes, as well as, for natural cleaning and home freshening.

Back to Earth's Rosemary Essential Oil is Certified Organic and is 100% pure natural. The oil can be used as is or added to any of our unscented products as desired. Some of the health benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil include helping hair grow longer & stronger, removes bad breath, tones the skin, strengthens the immune system, stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain, indigestion and respiratory infections.

You can also find Rosemary in many of our other products in store or online. A few of our favorites include Rainforest Shampoo, Re-Store Hair & Scalp Oil, Bliss Body Lotion and many more...

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