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Happy, Healthy Mouths

Happy, Healthy Mouths

Merging with the Elements: AIR

Still, like air, I rise. ― Dr. Maya Angelou

As spring officially rises from the earth, we inhale a deep, slow breath and sit present in the moment experiencing the beauty this season has to offer. We hear the melodic singsong of birds, feel the coolness of spring rains, observe the blooming wildflowers in the meadows, and smell the intoxicatingly sweet scents of lilac and blossoming trees around us. This week we share how our new Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay collection is inspired by the natural element of Air, and how having a happy, healthy mouth is essential for enjoying those breaths you take.

Not only does taking a deep breath of air feel amazing it literally offers you life. Breathing promotes mindfulness, clears emotional challenges, eases pain, cleanses your cells, elevates your mood and promotes relaxation. -- Breathe in through your nose; deep into your belly if possible, and feel your chest expand. Hold for five seconds and envision the air energy moving through your body. If you’re doing this as you read, imagine inhaling a vibrant hue of yellow or whatever color appeals to you most. Exhale your breath slowly through slightly parted lips. Some meditation practices like to imagine the air leaving your body is darker than the hue inhaled as it collects toxins along the way. You can also try visualizing icy breaths on a hot day or warm hues on a day you are chilled to emphasize the breath.

Our Canadian Glacial Clay collection has two very special products to keep your lips and mouth feeling refreshed and replenished from morning to night. Our Smile Teeth Cleaning Oil has natural anti-bacterial; healing properties to help keep your mouth and gums free of infections while reducing plaque build up. Those suffering from bleeding gums, gingivitis and gum disease will find this oil especially effective. Smile is a natural, organic toothpaste alternative using an almond oil base with essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen to freshen up even the toughest breath. Spritz your toothbrush anytime of day to perk up your breath, relieve dry mouth and cleanse your precious teeth.

Smile Teeth Cleaning Oil

Smile also pairs perfectly with our Butterfly Kisses Lip Balm. It may just look like a pretty tube, but it is so much more, Butterfly Kisses keeps your lips soft and supple, is organic, non-GMO, and never tested on animals. This all-natural moisturizer is made up of beeswax, castor oil, carnauba wax, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, lanolin and a touch of our Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay. Heal your ailing lips and protect them from harsher elements, this unique lip balm includes zinc oxide with SPF 30 so you can apply it indoors throughout the day and head outside for sports, gardening or other outdoor experiences. Tea tree, rosemary, sweet honey and peppermint add a lovely scent and a delicious flavour. Once you get a feel for this soothing lip balm you will want one in every pocket, purse, desk, car cubby, or other place you can think of to keep it handy. Not just for the ladies, men and children love this lip balm too, so stock up as your precious lip treat is bound to disappear as your friends and family discover it.

Butterfly Kisses Lip Balm

As we close off our feature series on Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay, we are once again reminded of the elements that inspired this natural collection designed to nurture your body - Earth, Fire, Water and Air, all elements essential for life in this world. Our planet is incredible in every way…so let’s rise together to find ways to continue to protect it.

Back to Earth - Canadian Glacial Clay Collection

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. We feel so honoured to use the Kisameet Canadian Glacial Clay in Back to Earth products and we recognize and respect the Central Coast’s original inhabitants, the Heiltsuk people, as cultural and environmental stewards of the resources within their traditional territory.

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