December 11, 2020

Supporting dream

As a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair, Tracy understands the excruciating reality of pressure sores caused by immobility. Ten years ago, an open sore on his right hip confined him to a hospital bed for four long months before it finally closed over and healed. A second recurrence on the same hip, a year and a half ago, kept him in hospital for a further three months. It was during this hospital stay that Tracy began to truly recognize the limitations of modern medicine. After experiencing pain in his left hip (the one he was laying on) he voiced his concern to medical staff that the type of mattress he was confined to was causing him pain, and requested a low-pressure mattress. Two days later he had a sore on his left hip. Tired and disheartened, memories of childhood cuts and scrapes allowed to naturally scab over, surfaced in Tracy’s mind. He expressed his wishes to allow the bedsores to heal naturally, but his nurses replied that modern science and medical training have proven the need for moisture to heal wounds, as moisture wards off bacteria and infection. With no other alternative, Tracy heeded their advice and was eventually released from hospital, depressed and discouraged.

Too soon, in early 2020, Tracy fell victim to yet another debilitating pressure sore on his leg. With an open wound the size of a baseball, festering and dangerously infected, Tracy followed medical advice and had the wound cleaned and the dressing changed twice a week. As the sore continued to worsen, the devastating news came from Tracy’s Doctor that there was nothing more they could do, and that amputation was his only hope. The prognosis hit Tracy hard, but as soon as he booked the surgery, scheduled for March 16th, he began to second guess his decision. Is this really my only option? Have I tried every possible avenue of treatment? On the Friday before his scheduled Monday surgery, the hospital called to say that all elective surgeries, including his, were cancelled due to the pandemic. It was then, amidst uncertainty and desperation, that Tracy recalled the words of a kind neighbour (Tane Routley) who had told him about the natural healing powers of some of the ingredients used by a local company called Back to Earth that her niece owned in Lavington.

After researching the ingredients used in the Back to Earth product line, and learning about the benefits of these ingredients from Kiley, owner of Back to Earth, Tracy knew what he was going to do. What have I got to lose….a leg? He thought. Within one week of following Kiley’s guidance about how to use the products correctly, Tracy noticed improvements! Ever so slightly, the edges of his wound had become less sharp, had started to curl up, and had become whiter in colour. A little early for celebration, but still progress enough to give thanks to the pandemic.

By April 20th, Tracy was getting closer to believing that celebration might actually, one day, be a possibility. His baseball-sized wound was about half the size. By May 11th, the wound had receded another 25% in size. Despite a temporary set-back from an accidental banging of his leg that caused bleeding and bruising, progress was steady. Gradually the edges of the wound softened, healed, rounded, and began closing in toward the centre. By the end of June, the open wound was the size of a pencil eraser and Tracy was simply in shock about how well his wound was healing. In early July, to ensure there was no underlying infection or other issues below skin level, Tracy had a bone scan done. The result was an all-clear. Progress continued steadily until September 4th, at which point the wound had closed, dried, and healed completely. Let the celebrations commence! Tracy was elated and made the decision to share his story with others so that they too may be helped by the gift of natural healing and the Back to Earth product line. All thanks to a kind neighbour and dear friend.


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