March 31, 2018

Spring has Sprung!

Time to fling open the curtains, crack the windows and let the sunshine, crisp air and birdsong back in after a very long winter. Diffusing some Back To Earth Purification Synergy Oil Blend will make your whole home smell fresh and cheery and is sure to inspire some spring cleaning.

Even better yet... embrace the longer days, the milder weather and head outdoors. It feels so great to sweep off your front porch and tidy up the winter mess around your home. Plant some inexpensive pansies or early spring bloomers, that can handle another sneaky evening frost or two, in pots at your entrance for a cheerful welcome. Pansies are also edible so don't be afraid to top a spring salad with some of their peppery flavoured blooms or even use them to garnish spring cupcakes or cakes.

Start exploring the local trails near your home or just wander a city park and look for all the spring blooms starting to make their way through the winter earth. Pick up an older family member or friend who has probably been restricted from outdoor time by the ice and snow and take them to an accessible place outdoors to sit in the sun and enjoy a coffee, treat or a picnic. 

Joining a local walking, hiking, biking or outdoors club is a wonderful way to find the gems in your area in a safe, non-intimidating type of way. Find like minded souls to explore with when your regular jaunts start to get boring. Usually you can find these groups listed in local papers, activity guides online, through social media groups or posted at your local Science Center, Outdoor Stores or Tourism Office. 

If you are an animal lover most SPCA centres or shelters are in need of dog walkers and your new furry friends will make your day with their happy smiles as you walk. Don't forget to dress appropriately so you can savour the weather in comfort and also be prepared for the surprise rain showers spring can bring with it.

Let kids be kids and play freely. Rubber boots, old clothes and a rain jacket keep them warm and dry for hours of imagination play. If they run out of ideas and don't want to join others at a local playground you can make your own games. 

At Back to Earth we love a good scavenger hunt or forest adventure. Our team is often found foraging in the woods as we wildcraft a lot of our medicinal plants locally. Calendula, Comfrey, Elder Flower, Nettle....As Spring firmly plants its roots, we'll start to see some of these plants very soon. 

This week, we put together our own version of an "eye spy" game you can play with the whole family throughout the Spring and Summer. See if you can spot these medicinal plants in the wild, and watch them grow & bloom throughout the season.

- Happy Hunting


Download our Back to Earth WildFlower Scavenger Hunt Guide





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